Winter Essentials

Anyone who’s known me through at least one winter knows that I have very specific needs for my skin. Growing up, I learned quickly that I would need to pay close attention to what goes on my skin and what I can do to prevent severely dry skin come December all the way through March. It’s taken a long time but I think at this point I’ve finally perfected my winter skin routine. For this post I have one key word that you need to pay close attention to: moisture. Moisture is key. Moisture is your best friend.

To attain the silky smooth skin and hair of your dreams, to start, just purchase these low cost essentials and throw on each and every day after you shower.

Oliology natural beauty oils Nutrient-rich coconut oil 

$7.99 available at TJ Maxx

I swear by this stuff. It makes your hair incredibly soft and it is also a dry oil which means you can spray all over your skin for a sweet smelling coconut finish to lock in moisture all day.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Face Mask and Facial Cleanser

Mask $25.00

Cleanser $11.00

Get the soft silky smooth skin of your dreams by washing your face every night with this cleanser. For a quick pick me up mask that leaves your skin soft, not tight, use the Made Simple face mask and leave on for just 60 seconds. Your skin will thank you almost immediately.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm

$6.00 available at Anthropologie and Ulta and other beauty supply stores

For someone who does not necessarily love lip gloss (how does one not get their hair stuck in it on the reg??) my lips are as smooth and unchapped as ever. Finally a lip gloss that tames the dryness, cracks and smells like a bouquet of roses.

Black Chamomile Body Lotion

$13.50 available at Bath and Body Works

Last but not least, my secret weapon. This black chamomile lotion clears up my acne while moisturizing my face almost over night. The black charcoal in the lotion is a detox for your skin while the chamomile is part of the Aromatherapy phase of Bath and Body Works’ line of products. Deeply breath in the lotion on your face and you’ll sleep like a baby all while it repairs your skin and clears up your acne. I tell all my friends to use this and I’m not joking when I say you will see a noticeable difference.

Your skin thanks you, lovelies! 


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