The Key to Motivation

Everyone, I did it. I found the real way to make goals and maintain them (method has yet to be proven effective, please give 3-5 weeks). This revelation comes from a combination of the genius that is Aziz Ansari, the self hatred that came from a trip to the gym and once again, the creation of this here blog. So here’s the deal. Everyone makes goals and has that small moment of “AHA, can’t wait for this to happen I’m going to work so hard!!” and then you find yourself curled up on the couch watching other people fulfill their goals on your cellphone screen. Well, hold on to your Ray-bans lovelies. I’m here to help you out of the eternal struggle.

Here’s how it’s done. The key to motivation is to find several attainable goals (even if they seem unattainable they still can be!). Then once you’ve figured out these goals, find a way to mesh them together in order to make them attainable. Meshing your goals together in somewhat of a snowball effect allows for you to really think about how you can achieve them. I know what you’re thinking, where does Aziz come into this? After a tumultuous gym session ending my long, errand filled day, I was thinking an assortment of random thoughts on my drive home, as I always do. The thoughts began to snowball as I was daydreaming (night dreaming since it was 7pm?) about what I saw in my future. That’s when it hit me. My thought process was this: “I really love my new Nike sports bra, I definitely need more cute work out gear. Treat. Yo. Self. It would look really cute and sporty if I had a sweet set of abs to show off in an Instagram post and then wrote a blog about sports fashion or motivation or whatever. Wait, I would definitely need more followers and really grow my blog if I were to ever post anything remotely close to showing my tummy. But I also need those abs. Okay here’s my goal. I’ll keep working out, get the stomach that I want and keep working on building my blog and Instagram, and it’s followers. If I can get a good amount of followers maybe I’ll allow myself to show off something if I can get my body to how I want it at the gym.” Voila.

See what I did there? I took one idea of what I wanted to do then I latched it onto another attainable idea and made them all correlate and pertain to each other. Here’s my official goal for the internet world to see. I will keep going to the gym and get the stomach that I want. By the time this happens, let’s throw in that I will have a job. Okay, that’s kind of too far. Let’s just say I will have saved up a small amount of #treatyoself money from working. I will buy a really cute workout outfit, even if it does come from the clearance section of Old Navy. Then I will throw some fire up on your Instagram feed on @Twentyclueless. Stay tuned… 🙂

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