Spring Favorites

Hi lovelies, long time no talk. Recently I’ve been feeling a little down and I would say it has about an 80% chance to do with this horrible weather. The one day that it was 70 degrees in my neck of the woods my mood improved about 1000%. I happened to not be working and I made a smoothie and went on a nature walk with one of my best friends. I talked about things that were bothering me and I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I’m not sure why the weather effects me so much, I wish it didn’t having lived in New England for my entire life where the weather in the winter changes every 3 days or so. However, I’ve decided to get myself out of this funk despite having been holed up in my room through the March blizzard of 2017. To celebrate my “coming out” (of my room) I’ve put together a few of my spring favorites to share with you and maybe push us all through this funk.

  1. Jean Shirt

The one featured in the picture on this article is from Francesca’s and it is not only my softest shirt but it is one of my most prized possessions. It was $40, which I remember thinking was a little pricey for a shirt but after wearing it almost every week for the past year I’d say it was money well spent. Pair it with either these dress pants from h&m (Here) and a chunky necklace or throw it over a tank top, leggings and sneaks and you’re good to go.

2. Planner

The planner featured in my article is from Barnes & Noble and it was introduced to me by my very organized and ridiculously busy best friend who is attending law school.  The girl knows how to look at her week and place everything together and lord knows I need something that will actually show me what I’m doing with my life. Being a first year teacher, I feel so much better writing down exactly what meetings I have, who I’m hanging out with over the weekend and when I need to flee the country as my latest gynecology appointment sneaks up on me. A planner even adds a motivating factor. I love writing down when I’m going to the gym and I feel super disappointed in myself if I end up skipping it when it was written right in front of my face.

Leather Bound Planner

3. Fitbit

My new obsession is my Fitbit. Granted not everyone has $100+ to spend on a fitness watch and I happened to come across mine from my father who hadn’t used his in 2 years but I absolutely love it. First of all, I love digital clocks and this one happens to not look like a geeky giant black calculator on my wrist: huge plus. Second, it actually is really awesome to see how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day. I wore it to this weekends’ St. Patrick’s day parade and I had over 15,000 steps by the end.  A new record for me (usually I strive for 8,000-10,000). Third, the watch features an app that allows you to look at your sleep patterns, track your exercise, and even connect with other Fitbit users. I’m in a weekly group challenge to see who has logs the most steps in and it’s really fun and motivating. 10/10 would recommend.

Fitbit Charge 2

4. Spring Playlist: Metro Station on Pandora

I’ve been blasting this playlist for the past 2 weeks now because it reminds me of spring romance and being in 7th grade. It has everything from Boys Like Girls to Good Charlotte to really get that springtime young love nostalgia going.

5. OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finishing Spray

This stuff is my new lifeline. I’m not kidding you. I spray it on after I dry my hair and it instantly volumizes my hair with no effort at all. It’s basically the stuff your hairdresser puts in your hair after a fresh cut and you wonder how you could ever get your hair to look that perfect ever again. Look no further. All I can say is, thank god I had this in my hair when I accidentally turned off my alarm and woke up 40 minutes later than I was supposed to. We’re talking zero effort.

Finishing Spray

6. Sebastian Reshaper Hairspray

Another suggestion from my law school friend (she’s a smart cookie) and I am officially obsessed. It is a bit on the expensive side so I would suggest buying the sample size for $6 before committing but after I tried this out and woke up with my hair still perfectly in tact I will be buying the full bottle as soon as this runs out. The trick that I’ve found for an every day tussled look is to spray some curling spray in your wet hair, sleep in a bun so the curls can form, wake up and spray both the finishing spray and hairspray in. It works best if you happen to remember take out your bun in the middle of the night if your hair is like mine and you won’t wake up with dry hair if it’s stuck in a bun all night. You’ll wake up with an effortless tussled look.


Take a look:


Enjoy, lovelies!

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