10 Things to Stop Putting off Today

  1. Call for an interview

For almost every job I’ve ever gotten, I have had to call beforehand to set up an interview. I really can only think of one or two small jobs that I’ve gotten where they were the ones to call me. This step in the game is so crucial. Stop sitting by your phone, praying that job you want so badly will call you. Call them. It puts you on their radar and even if you don’t get it, at least you can say you tried your very best. My last job that I got at a school would not have happened had I not called because it was written in my application that I had not yet graduated college. As soon as I fixed it they called me back for an interview which led to my job! Crazy how things work.

2. Buy that expensive perfume/shirt/concert ticket you’ve been wanting.

I know theres a thing called buyers remorse but there’s something I like to call non-buyers remorse. I once went and tried on Flat Out Fabulous at Mac for an entire year, every single time I went into the mall before buying it. The second I bought it I must’ve worn it every single weekend. Think of all the times I had missed wearing that shade! It matches literally all my going out clothes. So much remorse. Life is short, buy the shoes.

3. Clean your room

Anyone reading this who actually knows me is doing a HUGE eye roll right now. I know, I know, my room is so messy. The thing is, the second I clean it, I feel like I can literally breathe again. Just keep it clean okay. I promise I’ll follow my own advice if you do 🙂

4. Do the physical change you desire (haircut, hair dye, piercing, ect.)

Let me tell you, if I wasn’t a teacher, I’d have rose gold hair, a silver hoop nose ring and god know’s what else. I love the edgy look. Unfortunately, parents and children do not. However, the second I chopped off a good 4 or 5 inches of my hair I felt instantly better. The short hair look happens to work well for me even though it didn’t for the first 23 years of my life. Trust me. (see picture below) There are other options though. If you really want to chop your hair but you don’t know if it will look good just go for it. It will always grow back.

Me on the right vs. me now

5. Go to the gym

I’m no gym nut, and I know I never will be. It took a long, long time for me to be able to get there and want to stay there. I finally started going with a friend who showed me how to do everything and I realized I didn’t hate working out. I just hated the embarrassment of not knowing what to do and then spending 45 minutes walking on the hamster wheel – er – treadmill. Find someone (a friend, coworker, person who works at your gym) to show you the ropes and see what happens. I promise you’ll feel better once you start feeling the results.

6. Eat healthier

Another one that will get a big eye roll from my friends and family. I drink a coffee with 3 creams and 3 sugars a day and I usually have a small bag of chips in my lunch bag. I also keep a bag of milky ways in my desk drawer as well as a box of girl scout cookies in my teaching bag. For emergencies, okay? That reminds me, I left a half eaten jumbo size bag of M&M’s at the last school I worked at in the drawer…awkward. Anyway, this is another piece of advice that I’ll start taking once you do. Kapeesh? Kapeesh.

7. Text him, request him, better yet, talk to him

Get over it, just talk to him. The worst that happens he doesn’t respond. Tell no one. On the same note, tell him exactly how it is. If he didn’t treat you right tell him that. If you’re like me you need to get everything out while you still can. One of my biggest regrets is not telling off the guy that really did me wrong. For now I just have to hope he knows exactly what he did and the extent of it but it should’ve been me who had the guts to really tell it like it is.

8. Take pictures

How do I say this. You will never be as hot, skinny, beautiful, or young as you are right now. Document it.

9. Plan your adventure

There will never be a right time. You go to college, then you get a job, then you have a family, and then you retire. Do not wait until you retire. That being said there may not ever be a right time but there are also definitely wrong times. Be smart, keep your career or whatever else is important to you first in mind but plan to just do things. Don’t wait around. If you do, make sure you have a timeline in your head of when exactly you will go on the adventures you want to go on.

10. Get what you want

Now’s the time. Not to be cliche but there really is no time like the present. Turning 25 this year, I’m just realizing that my early twenties are gone. I don’t regret my life or what I’ve done so far but I do know there are things I would change, just like everyone else. The only thing to do in spite of that is live in the now and do what you want to do every chance you get. Life is short but it’s also very long and fulfilling if you work at it.

Happy spring lovelies x

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