Turning Around Your Bad Day

Last week was a really bad week which resulted in me going home from work on Monday and feeling pretty bummed out. Looking at it from the right perspective it wasn’t really that bad at all but there were issues with work, my family, and relationships. All together, I was upset, stressed out, frustrated and just plain tired at the end of the work day that afternoon. I know I’m sounding pretty dramatic right now but I can tell you that when I got in bed at 9pm, I felt amazing. Yes, you read that right. I was a miserable, hot mess by 3pm but I really did feel like a different person after it was all over. How, you ask did I turn this around? Oh just strap on a positive attitude and you’ll feel better in no time! I’m just kidding, I’m so the type of person that dwells and it’s pretty hard for me to get out of a funk but I’d like to share some ways in how I turned my bad day around and ended up feeling pretty great.

Go to the gym

As much as I wanted to avoid it, I had made plans to go to the gym with my friend and I’m really glad I didn’t bail on her. The endorphins could have come from either working out or just venting to my friend about everything that was frustrating me but afterwards I felt like I had sweat out some bad energy and I was ready to decompress at home.

Eat good food 

I don’t mean healthy food. I’m not going to lie, I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream on top for dinner and I enjoyed every last bite of it.


I had one (okay maybe 2) glasses of Barefoot red sangria and let me tell you, I felt the stress melt off me. I’m not condoning an alcoholic lifestyle at all and I rarely drink on weeknights (mostly because I moved back in with my parents and apparently this is frowned upon when you’re not in college) but just being able to indulge in my favorite glass of wine, which is just sweet enough, really helped me to feel better. Had I not had a wine on hand that I truly liked the taste of, I would say forget the wine and indulge in something else you don’t normally allow yourself during the week. Soda or an Herbalife shake!

From twitter.com/barefootwine

Barefoot Sangria Description


Ladies and gentlemen I literally have nothing but good things to say about the Lush Cosmetics ‘Big Blue’ bath bomb. It was like a private vacation by myself. It has smooth flecks of seaweed in it, which at first seems a little weird, but they really made me feel like I was laying in the ocean with the bright blue hue of the bath and the soothing lavender, which actually smelled like a beautiful ocean breeze. The seaweed is rich with vitamins and my skin was so smooth and soft after I stepped out. I took a shower after to wash my hair from the gym sweat and it was as if I was reborn.

Lush Bath Bomb Description

Listen to good music

I went through a range of music while trying to find what suited my mood. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day I like to wallow in my own sadness so I turn to The Dawn Golden, which is my favorite sad band to listen to. The singers’ voice is so smooth and every lyric makes you think about that one guy who truly broke your heart and it’s weirdly calming. Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry. Later on, I wrote in my journal while listening to The Maine, who I will be going to see in Boston this Friday. Their sound is like a 90’s boy band mixed with The 1975, so it’s nothing but good vibes.

Dawn Golden favorites 

Album name: Still Life


Brief Encounter

Last Train

The Maine favorites

Album name: Lovely Little Lonely 

Bad Behavior

Don’t Come Down

Album name: American Candy

English Girls

Be Productive

As soon as I got on my computer, I configured some things on my blog, answered some emails and cleaned my room. One of my favorite things to do when I’m procrastinating is to clean and organize. I love doing laundry because it’s not necessarily difficult to do, doesn’t take long yet it still makes me feel like I accomplished something with my day. Try it when you’re having a bad day, it’s cleansing for your well being.

This is only a little bit embarrassing

By the time I got into bed, turned on some Criminal Minds and snuggled up in my freshly washed sheets with my freshly shaved legs I felt like a new person. I ended up falling asleep at a reasonable hour (like before 12 am) and woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and ready for the rest of my week. Hopefully some of these tips help and motivated you. Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any other tips for turning a bad day around! Thanks for reading loves xo

Abby @ TwentyClueless


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