5 Reasons to Definitely Be Happy

I know this is a post you’ve seen before. If I’m being honest I either always scroll past them or read them thinking it will actually make me feel better and I end up a bit disappointed. It’s been a stressful week at work and I realized that eating copious amounts of candy and unhealthy food has generally made me feel worse (the horror). I’ve gone to the gym all week but it’s been really difficult to actually push myself physically and actually feel better about myself. Today, I finally found my motivation and am feeling a lot more positive about the rest of my week – even though it is Friday tomorrow. My goal for this post is to try to accomplish something that most cannot. I want to actually try to convince you of the 5 reasons you can look at to actually feel better. Here goes.

5 reasons why you should definitely be happy:

  1. Your body – yes, you read that correctly. I don’t care if you think you’re too fat, too skinny, too lanky, too tall, so weird; your body is a wonderland. Sorry, I had to, John Mayer is back on the scene now. Your body is so incredible because it can withstand so much. In times that I’m feeling a little down or stressed out it’s humbling to think of times that I’ve been truly in a dark place. This is why I like writing things down because it’s actually very eye opening to see how incredibly sad I’ve been before and it’s hard to remember ever feeling like that, but important to recognize it. I made it through and tough times do pass and life is good because of the change.
  2. The world – I know that what’s happening in politics right now is outrageous no matter who’s “side” you’re on and it’s frustrating to live in a country so divided but think about how big the world is. This is a little more frustrating than comforting sometimes because when I think about how much I want to see the world and how little of it I’ve explored I become a little concerned with my lack of adventure. However, then I remember how long my life is and how fun it is to have aspirations and a creative side that allows me to dream. That alone is enough to put me in a good mood.
  3. Babies/Animals/Cuteness- if I could I would post 1000 pictures of all the babies in my life because I’m pretty sure my family/friends make the cutest babies. Here’s how much of an affect babies can have on your mood: the student that I tutor has so much to learn and is with me all the time just learning more and more information at such a fast rate that she needs lots of breaks to decompress. During those breaks, we literally sit and look at pictures of my baby cousin. She absolutely loves it and I think we can all learn from this child.
  4. Sweets/indulgences – the ability to treat yo self. We live in this instant gratification world where if you really want to, you can go down the street buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and just eat it. You might feel bad later but you will feel amazing in that moment. That is a pretty cool world that we’re fortunate enough to live in I’d say.
  5. Comfort – For the most part, you go home every day and feel comfortable where you are in a room that is your own. There is nothing more comforting than the ability to feel at home wherever that may be for you. This may be a special place that you don’t even live. When I go to New York and smell the city air I feel home. When I step off the airplane into the sticky, humid Florida air and step onto the familiar shuttle ride to transport me to Disney World, I feel at home. I’ve only been to Disney twice that I can remember and it still makes me feel like this because it’s happy and comfortable. There is nothing better. Transport yourself to these places, whether that means in the real world or in your mind.

Have a beautiful evening loves, as always, thanks for reading xoxo

Abby @ TwentyClueless

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