Easy Peasy Health Tips for Your Whole Self

I’ve recently taken the time to really think about how I’m keeping myself healthy. If you asked me a year ago I’d tell you I somehow maintain an “okay” physique with little to no effort besides the praising of God for my genetics. Looking at pictures of my past self I realize now that I didn’t actually look that good or healthy for that matter. I’m speaking in terms of my body but there are other factors that go into your health and well-being as well. As someone who’s always struggled with sensitive skin, keeping to a clean skin routine is very important to me. Lastly, I generally struggle to keep my mind in a healthy state. Here are some of my best tips to staying healthy from the inside out.


Breath of Fresh Air (or any Lush cosmetics basically)

I recently purchased this soothing aloe infused spray from Lush for the last bit of my skin routine and let me tell you, it holds up. I spray it before bed after I moisturize my face and as soon as I wake up (as well as some spritzes throughout the day). It instantly awakens my skin, smells great, and adds a good amount of moisture, but not too much, so that I’m able to have a fresh, alive face. I would highly recommend this addition to your skincare routine.

Cup o’ coffee face mask

I’m all about looking and feeling awake this month. At this point in the school year, the kids are all exhausted and basically just can’t wait for summer vacation, and neither can I. I’ve felt like my face is dragging along with the rest of my body so whenever I need a little pick me up, I throw on this face mask from Lush. The coffee beans wake me up as well as exfoliate my skin to make it silky smooth. A small container at around $10, you really can’t go wrong.


* Side note: before using these products I had a very bumpy face and I wasn’t really sure why but it’s completely cleared up with this scrub and toner spray – SO exciting!


Seltzer Water

As someone who was literally born craving soda the second I crawled out into the world, I can tell you my journey to loving seltzer water did not start out very successful. I’ll admit, having a sweet tooth, I was not too keen on the whole concept at first. When I first tasted it, all I could think was okay, it’s like flavored water but with not that much flavor. I had to really experiment with other flavors and brands to find the perfect ones for me. I now find it a perfect alternative to sugary soda that actually satisfies my cravings.

* Not so healthy tip:

Cinco De Mayo Drink: tequila, margarita mix, splash of watermelon margarita seltzer – delicious

Meal Prep 

I’ll be the first to tell you this is a very recent change and one that I’ve only actually done one week of. However, I’ll tell you that for the one week I did it, I ate super healthy and delicious food for at least one meal and this week I’ve eaten pizza for lunch 3 times. Enough said. Put the time in (I’m really just yelling at myself to do this more often).


This is a tough one because I’ve told a few of my routine activities I do to clear my mind out so I don’t want to continuously repeat myself. Something I like to do, which I should definitely do more of, is actually go outside and exercise. I’m a huge fan of indoor gyms because I generally am cold and I like the comfort of not being subjected to the elements. I recently went for a quick mile long run with my friend in her neighborhood and it did wonders for both my mind and body. The endorphins came from the physical activity and the beautiful, cool but not too cold, weather really allowed my head to feel better. I need to remember that sometimes all it takes is a situation out of my element to calm me down and allow my mind to sooth itself.


As always, thanks for reading lovelies. xoxo

Abby @ TwentyClueless

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