Product Review: Loving Tan Mousse

I have found the holy grail of self tanner. I have used many different products to make my skin glow and more often than not end up slightly orange and feeling worse about myself (sorry freshman year of college me). I’ve been following the Loving Tan Instagram account (@lovingtanofficial) for about a year now just gazing at the glorious golden goddesses that they post about. Every time I see a new picture I tell myself I should just try the stuff but I just kept putting it off. Come to last week, I realized I’m graduating from my Master’s program this month and I wanted something to make the day a little special and feel good about myself on a day where I will have accomplished something. A ‘treat yoself’ moment. So here are my thoughts about the product.

I ordered the velour applicator mitt, which is a must have. I wasn’t going to order it but in the last minute I sprung for it. The soft velour allows the mousse to glide over your skin like butter. It really does ensure a beautiful even tan. I got the medium dark mousse because I wanted a definite result but not too extreme. Once I saw the mousse soak in so easily and streak free, I got so excited to see my final results. I put a little on my face and washed that off after about 2 hours because it was getting a little too dark. What I really loved about the mousse is that it is scent free and also isn’t sticky. I happened to wear a white shirt the day I put the tanner on and nothing came off, it was incredible. After 8 hours, I washed off the excess tan and basked in the glory of this tan. I’m seriously so impressed with how natural it looks. It has no orange undertone and actually looks like I just spent a few days on a beach.

I was incredibly nervous to apply this mousse because I was afraid it would be too dark and streaky but the mitt made it incredibly easy and I saw results almost immediately.

Overall, I would say this product is an instant self esteem booster and it really didn’t cost that much. It’s about $35, which is the same price as a regular spray tan, and the bottle allows for multiple uses! I would highly recommend this product to any and all who want a little pep in their step and to put some extra sunshine into their week.

Thanks for reading lovelies, xoxo

Abby @ TwentyClueless


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