Out With the Old in With the New

I recently went through my closet and donated, I would say, about 20 pounds worth of clothing. This was clothing that I’ve accumulated through the past 6 or 7 years. We’re talking clothes from 12th grade. I know. If I’m being honest, I’m one of those people who is personally connected to my clothes and what they represent (or once did represent). Looking through them all brought feelings of nostalgia, which was both sad and happy. At one point my friend pulled out a pair of pj bottoms and immediately burst out laughing because we were reminded of the time we went skinny dipping in a pond and she stole those pants in the after math. It was an odd adventure that is now nothing but a memory but those pants brought a smile to our faces. It was hard for me to throw out my useless 1990’s t-shirt that I wore on Halloween to transform myself into a “90’s chick” and the blue and white striped off the shoulder sweater that my aunt bought me on a trip to the outlet stores but cleaning my closet was a great way to clear the clutter from my head.

After clearing out room in my closet and drawers, I did what any self proclaimed shopping addict would do and went to the mall. I’ve been experiencing a bit of an identity crisis with my clothing shopping because of several different reasons. I have mostly work clothes for teaching in the classroom so when I’m out shopping, I’m generally always keeping an eye out for cute dresses or nice pants that are appropriate for walking the school hallways. My professional wardrobe is starting to become my entire wardrobe. I’m also at this weird age where I still go out and want to look cute and fun but I forget that I need normal every day clothes as well. It’s tough to cater to all these different styles that I have.

What I liked about this particular shopping experience was that I used all that I knew about the clothes I wanted to get and the style I wanted to maintain and felt comfortable choosing the right items that not only fit my body type but my particular style. I love that I now have the confidence to dress how I want because I now actually know how I want to dress. I did this by experimenting with a lot of different clothes and styles for the past few years. My biggest suggestion for this kind of shopping trip? The clothes you put in the “maybe” pile – put them back. If you suffer from non-buyers remorse later on, go back and get them. Otherwise you probably won’t wear them.

Here’s a look at some new items I added to my closet – from Old Navy (tags still on ‘em!):



Thanks for reading lovelies xoxo – Twenty Clueless

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