Working on June Insecurities

For the last month of May I had written that the two insecurities I would work on were my hair and my mental state. I did get a haircut and I feel like my hair was given this whole new life – it feels great! I did try to journal more and say yes to more adventures towards the end of the month so that I could help improve my mental state and even though it did help, I will continue to work on this. For the month of June I have 2 more parts of myself that I’d like to work on. They’re not so much insecurities as they are resolutions.

  1. Budgeting – I tend to spend a lot of money on items that I don’t need or really want in general. I need to work on only spending what I should be spending on things or activities that I really need or enjoy. This will hopefully lead to more savings and I can start to figure out my life a little bit better – here’s hoping.
  2. My family relationships – I try so hard to have a good relationship with my parents but it’s hard when we have such different ideals and how we view what I should be doing at this age. I’d like to work on seeing their perspective while also trying to communicate my feelings of frustration more clearly which will hopefully ease tensions. Again – here’s hoping!

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