New Years Resolutions:

  • Love myself more – no more using humor to bring myself down in any aspect (physically, career wise, personality ect.)
  • Keep doing what is right in my classroom, not what is easy – not giving people above me the power to let children who can’t advocate for themselves slip through the cracks.
  • Maintain a moderately healthy diet and routine – gym 3 times a week at least, less chocolate more fruits for dessert (do chocolate covered strawberries count??)
  • Stick with my financial goals – saving money is hard and so is budgeting enough to save yet still have the experiences that I want at this time in life. I need to keep up with my goals and really keep striving to succeed.

Turning 25  this year really threw me for a loop. When I was younger I thought 25 year olds were all living in NYC, going to fabulous parties, getting engaged and planning weddings, working for high powered companies and otherwise living successful adult lives. I am not living that life that I thought all 25 year olds lived. I went to a party last summer with a lot of old high school friends and I was really disappointed with myself after I felt a sense of defeat telling people that I stayed in Rhode Island and became a public school teacher. Why did this feel like failure? What I do is bad ass! The weird part is, many of these people I was having conversations with, when asked what they did in return, they seemed just as disappointed in themselves. I think it’s great if you grew up, went to college then came back home and started a successful career. I also think it’s great if you’re moving to another state or another country and you need to wait tables or be a cashier for a little while to get on your feet. You’re changing and growing and doing it for yourself. There is no one career that I find more prestigious or honorable. I worked just as hard to get my job as my brothers did becoming doctors (that’s a total lie I would literally never make it through 3 classes of medical school but you get my point).

With that being said, even though I’m not the 25 year old I imagined myself to be, here is what I am doing. I’m working in a field that I thoroughly enjoy that gives me purpose and joy even when I want to get in bed and cry at the end of a long straining work day. Two of my best friends are now engaged and I am the happiest gal in the world for them. It’s truly inspiring to see such beautiful girls inside and out living out these love fantasy’s that I have the pleasure of witnessing. It’s fun to learn from their success. It’s truly magical to watch. I found my own little love fantasy in the man I met on Cinco de Mayo 2017. I’ll tell our story soon but for now all there is to know is that he makes me happy, he makes me think, he makes me better and I appreciate every second I get with him. Lastly, I have the most incredible friends and family to support me in anything I do. I wish I could go into detail what my friends have done to get me out of what was the worst 2 years of my life (talkin’ about you 2015 and 2016). Here’s to you 2018, you seem so bright and cheerful and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Thanks for reading xoxo TwentyClueless

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