TwentyClueless Turns 1!

Happy birthday blog! Yes, it’s been 1 year since I posted my first blog post as TwentyClueless. I remember waking up in my friends’ bed one morning, feeling uncomfortable having just graduated with my master’s degree with no jobs lined up and no real plans set up for the future. I felt discouraged, overwhelmed and exhausted. That’s when I had the idea to create a blog. I wanted to continue writing on a forum that I had control over and I just wanted an outlet for my thoughts of being twenty four and clueless. I went to my friend and “momager,” told her my idea, we had a photoshoot and a brainstorming session on blog names and platforms and that, my loves, is how TwentyClueless was born!

Over the past year, I have gone through so many changes and been through so much growth, but I’m proud of what my blog has become. Yes, I went out and bought a cake for my whopping 230 followers on Instagram to see because I’m proud that I kept something that I enjoy up and running for an entire year. There were times where I let my blog stay on the back burner, but I always found my way back to writing my thoughts down and I appreciate each and every view I had. Thank you so much for supporting me, watching me grow, and following my journey as an amateur blogger. I’ve had the best year in this social media world and I’m excited for what the next year has to bring. Thanks for the love my dears, stay clueless (I know I will)!

xoxo TwentyClueless

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