Valentine’s Day

Being that it is Valentine’s day and it is one of my favorite holidays, you guys know I’m going to post the sappiest of posts. I’ve always loved Valentine’s day, even when I didn’t have a real Valentine (my dad stepped in ages 0-17). I love the color pink and making Valentine’s and getting chocolate and acceptably walking around with stuffed animals holding hearts; honestly what’s not to love about this holiday? Not only is it Valentine’s day but this week also marks my six month anniversary with my sweetie pie *cue the aws*

For this special occasion I’d like to tell you the 6 things I’ve learned while being in this relationship (may want to grab some tissues I’m feeling emotional).

  1. Sometimes life is serendipitous. I’d like to dedicate a more in depth post to how we met so I won’t go into detail but everything about my meeting Ian was fate. Everything about that night was meant to be and I think about that a lot. If I had made one small decision differently we might never have met. Life is crazy like that.
  2. Love is chemical – it’s something that should come naturally. After meeting someone so incredibly similar to me has made me see how easy it is to love him. I’ve never met someone so compatible to my humor, emotions, and general thoughts. I’m not saying we finish each other’s sentences but we connect on a very strong level, we have since the night we met.
  3. It’s fun loving someone who’s job you love. Let me explain. My guy works as a residential counselor to children with various special needs who live in a residential center. This means that he calms them down when they need to be calmed and pretty much spends the majority of his time making their living situation as enjoyable as possible despite having to live in a home away from their family. I work with special needs children and have worked in similar settings and I cannot even begin to explain how exciting it was for me to meet a male who did this kind of work. I remember him telling me about it the night we met, it was one of the first things we talked about and immediately were intrigued with each other because we do such similar work. I’m so proud of everything he does and can’t wait to hear about his day always. I love that he’s able to understand my work and give me an educated perspective on my daily career issues. This is one of my favorite parts about him.
  4. If someone wants to be with you they will be with you. When I first met Ian, he was living an hour and a half away from me, working 50 hours a week, yet he still brought me on dates and even came to see me regularly for an hour at 11pm just to say hi before driving home after a 16 hour shift. That’s commitment and it feels so great finally having someone who doesn’t make excuses.
  5. You will meet a guy who makes you realize why all the other guys in your life didn’t work out. I know this sounds cliche but you don’t realize it until it happens. I used to make myself believe that I had these very real, natural relationships with guys and they were just tainted with timing and the fact that these men hadn’t grown up yet and that maybe I was missing something and it was my fault that they were mistreating me. Enough is enough. Wait for the guy that’s going to prove himself to you. He’s out there, you’re just not ready for him yet but you will be. I know if I had met Ian at a different point before I experienced certain things, I may not have been ready to be with him. I’m glad he came into my life when I needed it the most.
  6. Relationships are about support. Trust and support. Even though he totally makes fun of my blog any chance he gets, he still got me makeup and fun little gifts for my birthday that I could use to keep my blog going. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that I continue to feel whenever he does something to show me that he cares about me. That’s what support feels like. Putting aside your differences when the time comes and really just caring about each other. That’s what love is.

I hope these aren’t just your regular ‘run of the mill’ love lessons and that I gave you another perspective of #relationshipgoals. I’m not saying we have a better relationship than anyone else and that we’re experts. I’m saying that my relationship is perfect for me and I love him for that. Have the best day, loves. Happy Valentine’s day! ♥

xoxo Twenty Clueless

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