Stressed out? No problem!

Almost every morning one of my best friends and I talk on the phone on the hour long ride to our doom (work). Lately we’ve felt like the pressure of our daily life sometimes gets the best of us and it’s hard to stay motivated enough to continue and succeed. We were bouncing off ideas with each other and knew we needed to feel better. Something we each love that will always do the trick is retail therapy.

So here’s what we decided on. We decided that we would each go to our local Lush store and pick out $30 worth of fun things for each other to feel better with. It’s fun because we both love the products and it’s nice to have a little surprise at the end of a tough month.

So we went to Lush and smelled all the masks, tried all the lotions, inspected all the bath bombs and decided on our gifts. I chose a honey lip scrub, a rose face mask and soothing lavender hand/body soap to help relieve stress at the end of a long day! I was given a mint julep lip scrub, a coffee face masks and 2 bath melts to help me soak in stress free moisture! This was awesome because every time I go into Lush I look at the lip scrubs and say I would never buy them for myself!

Doing this was a fun thing to look forward to and felt good to treat someone else even though I was getting something in return! Let me know if you want to try this and where you would go 🙂

Thanks for reading xoxo TwentyClueless


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