As my 26th birthday has been approaching I’ve been having a different feeling than I normally experience during this month of celebration. I’m a birthday person. I love my birthday. I wait all year for it and when it comes I wake up in the best mood, plan all different things with my friends and family and just enjoy the fact that literally everyone I’m close with is celebrating ME. However, this year I’m feeling much more lackluster than previous years and I think I know why. As a kid I had so many expectations for my 20’s. My 20’s were supposed to be the years where I would experience everything a successful young socialite living in Manhattan would. I had deadlines in my head of everything I wanted to complete and accomplish by now. 26 was my deadline. I was supposed to be engaged, living in New York, acting or running a fabulous magazine company, ready to be starting my “adult” life as a mom and business woman. Let’s all L O L at that right now. Things did not go as planned, starting with the fact that I did not choose to become a magazine editor. I’m dealing with this as best I can. I love my life. I have a supportive group of friends, a loving family, a successful and challenging career and I know I’m a good person who does the right thing most of the time. So what I would like to do to make myself feel better is to write a list. A list of everything I’ve accomplished while 25. I also would like to write a list of all that I want to have happen at 26. A realistic list of goals that I can send into the universe to guide me and my spirit. Here goes.


  • Became a full time teacher
  • Moved out of my parents house
  • Fell in love
  • Made some great new friends
  • Was laid off
  • Was hired full time as a second year teacher
  • Got my heart broken
  • Threw my first bachelorette party and bridal shower
  • Watched two friends get engaged and screamed my heart out in joy
  • Cried tears of frustration and grief in the main office of my job
  • Started to get my mental health in check
  • Realized I actually had to get my mental health in check
  • Made mistakes that I’m not proud of
  • Learned how to read Tarot Cards
  • Fell in love with myself



  • Make more mistakes to grow
  • Learn more about a higher degree that I’m thinking of getting
  • Furnish my apartment with things I actually want
  • Fall in love
  • Fall out of love and be okay
  • Write more
  • Think of more content and expand my blog
  • Become more organized in my classroom
  • Self love instead of self loathe
  • Take better care of myself and my body
  • Grow spiritually and mentally


Thanks for reading loves, xoxo TwentyClueless

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